We appreciate your consideration of ICEcare.

Need help setting up ICEcare?
ICEcare engineers have recently added a setup wizard to the product to take you step-by-step through the installation process. This will be available for iPhone in August 2010, and for Android based devices in September 2010. Additional handsets will be upgraded with the installation wizard in the coming months. If you need additional help, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We participate on facebook and encourage you to connect with us to help you and other users. You can also connect with us on Twitter (EmergencyCare). The social sites provide an open dialog that promotes exchange of new creative ideas and also in helping new users benefit from those who have worked with us for some time. (Facebook policy requires you to click on "Like" button to make comments on ICEcare Wall).

Have questions about deployment of ICEcare for your organization?
Please write to us at: info@icecare.net

It helps to be prepared and be safe.